Strategies For Growing Your Architecture Salary

In order to make an informed career choice, it’s very good to know where you stand in regard to your architecture wages. You can start by checking out the AIA Compensation Survey Salary Calculator if you are working in the United States. Here you learn what the market says your skills are worth.

Here’re on How Best to get that raise, some tips:

#1 Have Regular Performance Reviews
In architecture firms, it can be difficult to communicate the value you add as a worker. It is very important to highlight in order to justify a salary increase, your firm has gained due to your performance. Having regular performance reviews can help keep an eye on growth and progress over time. Reviews may also be opportunities to discuss your contribution to the company and its future. Prior to your performance review, have particular examples of professional achievements and focus your conversation on the value you bring, in addition to your ambitions for the future within the corporation.

In accordance with Architect Magazine,”more companies are now rewarding staff for reaching licensure than there were only a couple years ago: 80 per centup from 74 per cent in 2017″. As a certified architect you have a greater earning capacity than an unlicensed architect and supply value. More than half of architecture firms offer higher wages to architects.

#3 Get Other Credentials
In addition to getting accredited, gaining credentials like CDT and LEED certification will provide you a competitive edge. LEED is currently the most recognized certification program for sustainable building design, while CDT stands for Construction Documents Technologist and is a certificate from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). These specialist qualifications will allow your organization to bill more to the customer for experience and your time. With extra credentials you may be able to negotiate a salary increase.

#4 Think Beyond the Box
Make an internal system, an program or piece of software that solves a problem for your employer or you. This is exactly what Steven Burns failed when he produced a project management software that helped his architecture firm streamline many of their procedures. This tool became a time tracking, ArchiOffice, billing and project management tool utilized by a few of the architecture companies out there. You can create e-book or classes that help architects. These may add significant value and introduce income flows. It is good to diversify.

#5 Change Firms
In case none of the above tips help, along with your company isn’t prepared admit or to negotiate your value, it may be time for you to change employers. Whatever the case, it’s essential to be objective and make your expectations known.

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